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GSA CG Replace Location In Source With Present Location in Created Article

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited August 2021 in GSA Keyword Research
Hi, Sven. I was wondering if this might be a useful feature:
I see a lot of created articles have a location within the text: New York, France, Los Angeles, etc.

Might it be useful to have GSA CG change this, especially for local businesses?
I see that I can set the bundled spinner/external spinner to do this, but then it might be difficult to flexibly change this.

Is it worthwhile to bother adding this as a feature to GSA CG?
Might it be useful to add a feature that is like:

[X] change location <--- locations in resulting articles will be altered

[X] Convert ALL to [EU]             <---toggle whether single location or multiple
[  ] Convert with more specificity (set below)

[  ] Convert City to [San Diego]
[  ] Convert Country to [Canada]
[  ] Convert State to [Oaxoa]

I do not know if this is useful.


  • SvenSven
    you can use the project options for this and use the search/replace filter.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited August 2021
    Sven said:
    you can use the project options for this and use the search/replace filter.

    Thanks, Sven. :) It might take a while to add all cities, counties, etc. through the GUI.

    Which file is this data stored in?

    Alternatively, maybe if it's worthwhile, you could add an option (manual, batch, other project) for the filter button to:

    Batch  Replace  Words on import [user defined target word]

    Then a user could import oodles of cities, counties, etc...or other categories of words...and Content Generator can convert them to a new one with relative ease on import. (I wasn't thinking globally when I wrote all that above! Location data is just one application of this!)

    OR....I guess I could backup the present default skip list for a  project....then delete it...then import the cities list..then search&replace...then save...then add back/concatenate defaults. Not sure how to do this easily.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I found the Spin DB editor!!!! This seems to be what I need, no?
  • SvenSven
    The spindb editor is not a good option. It would be used for all projects and thats not what you want. I think the filter section when editing the project is exactly what you need. I can try to add a function where you pick a file with wiords to import and you just define what they should be replaced with.
    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
  • SvenSven
    just added a "Batch Replace Words" for next update in filter section.
    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
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