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LPM (links per min) 0.13 ?! - Compare your GSA SER setup here

edited March 2013 in Need Help

I have been using GSA SER since November 2012. Though everything has been done according to tuts, I get very low and slow results.

First of all, here is what and how I am using (tools and setup):

PowerUp Hosting (Hyper-V Lite)
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP
1 GPS Network

10 Dedicated Private Proxies (USA)

1st solution: Captcha Sniper x3
2nd solution: Death by Captcha (if 1st fails)

GSA SER setup:
At the moment 4 projects Tier1 only
Submits: Article, Directory, Social Bookmark, Social Network, Video, Web 2.0
PageRank: skip sites with a PR below 3
Skip unknown PR, use PR of domain
Outgoing links: skip sites with more than 50
180k keywords (scraped with SB)
156 engines checked (all English language)
50 e-mail accounts
Threads to use: 150 (have been changing it up and down - results same)
HTML timeout: 45

Now I am running 4 projects, only one tier at the moment, and it makes about 5 verified links a day for a project. One project has got 200 verified links since Nov 2012. My LPM is only 0.13.

Please discuss, what I could be doing wrong, and what is your setup if the results are way better.. Big thanks in advance!!!


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Everyone knows its like a red rag to bull with this kind of question on here :D




    My methods have been posted time and time again. A simple search of my posts will bring up the tricks and tips I have shared


    Simple rule is

    time + effort = high LpM and submissions

  • Lee is right.. Lol. I went from 1 to 5lpm, going thru Lees stuff im up to 60lpm now! So he is actually right. But above i dont see mention of proxies and captcha?
  • donchinodonchino
    @m1xf1 - I have mentioned proxies and captcha above if u see it again.

    @LeeG - Great to see it is working for u bro. But i would like to know how.. I browsed some of your topics. What I did at the moment: threads from 150 to 100, HTML timeout from 45 to 120, time between searches from nothing to 10.

    LPM is now from 0.13 to 1.40.

    I am thinking maybe should get more RAM to VPS than 1GB, and more private proxies than 10 because gsa ser uses proxies for everything..?
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