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GSA SER Not Working Well

Hey i bought GSA SER a month ago jut started using it (Also bought gsa seo indexer and gsa auto website submitter they both work well) but gs aser isn't working well i bought gsa ser lists from and they are okay i also got proxies and 40 mails on the site.

I also got Captcha Sniper, Image Typers and for captcha.
So when i go to project right click and import links manually from files and then start the project it starts adding links for some time and then stops adding them.
Here are my settings:


  • AliTabAliTab
    edited August 2021
    1. Disable public proxies for submission and verification (just use private proxies)
    2. Disable use proxies for search engines completely
    3. Disable use proxies for Email checking completely
    4. Threads to use should be much less than what you have entered already (below 1000)
    5. In Global options -> submission -> Automatically decrease threads on memory usage above = 2800 or 2900 MB
    6. In global options -> filter tab -> set Maximum size to 50
    7. If you are using our service (GSAserlists), you don't need to import targets manually. Just use the Dropbox windows application and add our folders locally. Then set your desired folders in Global options -> advanced Tab (as failed and identified)
    Then you need to go to each of your projects -> Options and select failed and identified for "use URLs from global site lists if enabled"
    You may follow the exact steps here:

    Best wishes
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  • @AliTab Still not working well mate.
  • Every time it starts running even under 200 threads after some time it stops working..
  • AliTabAliTab
    Could you send the screenshot of your "Global options -> Advanced Tab" as well?
  • AliTabAliTab
    Oh, here you got some problems.
    first of all, please use the Dropbox windows application to get our lists in real-time. In this way, we can deliver new updates directly in your SER. we have Dropbox setup here:

    Then, please follow the instructions here to set our folders in your SER:

    Test and let us know about the result.
  • My list is called CheapGSALists and i isntalled the dropbox app but theres no Add button on the folder when i go to shared.
  • AliTabAliTab
    It means that you have already added that to your dropbox. you need to let the Dropbox application run and wait until it syncs all the files and folders.
  • Every time i try to run it it just opens dropboc folder
  • AliTabAliTab
    Hi @darkchief39
    If you have a Dropbox sync issue, disconnect your Dropbox account once (click on Dropbox icon -> preferences -> account Tab click on sign out ). Restart your server/VPS and try to connect your Dropbox account in the application again.
    The status should change to syncing. Wait around half an hour and see if Dropbox was already successful at downloading all the files and folders.
  • @AliTab how can i do that when i try to open dropbox it just opens me dropbox folder without any files ? Thanks for oyu help by the way.
  • AliTabAliTab
    edited September 2021
    It's my pleasure.
    By double-clicking, it will open your Dropbox folder. Just click once on the icon in the taskbar, so it will open the Dropbox application. Then click on your profile picture -> preferences -> account Tab and click on sign out.

    If no success, you may reinstall Dropbox
  • Even when i click only once it stills opens only the dropbox folder.
  • But i see all of it automatically synced ot that folder
  • AliTabAliTab
    Good. Now, please follow the instructions here to set our folders in your SER:
  • Hello, have you solved your problem?
  • Problem was with proxies actually i tried now with only my home ip and its working great.. Il have to find better proxies. By the way whya lot of links that are created look like this? @AliTab
  • AliTabAliTab
    Remove indexers from your engine's selection.
    And please make sure you are using our submitted and verified targets in your Advanced Tab
  • @AliTab im using 15+ da targets. Also even if i use 5000 threads not even 30% of my cpu gets used when i use 1000 threads only 1-5% of my cpu gets used :D
  • AliTabAliTab
    So what's your LPM/VPM right now?
  • AliTab said:
    So what's your LPM/VPM right now?

    Its always around 10-30 sometimes up to 50 lpm
  • Is that a good lpm or ? For only 15+ da les do ist, if i use some other list would lpm be bigger? Also what procies do you recommend since procies that i used on scrapeboc dont work well on gsa ser so i need good procies for gsa ser that will work well? As using my home ip adress isnt a good thing for long term and more than one project.
  • AliTabAliTab
    Hello. Yes, it's low
    At least use another folder like "verified targets" or "submitted targets" next to the top tier verified targets folder.
    Proxies will have high impact on your LPM/VPM as well. Please refer to our recommended services here:
  • @AliTab well on those 2 lists lpm is even smaller its around 2-3 for now.. On da 15+ list it went to 100 after some time, prolly cuz of type of the links..
  • AliTabAliTab
    There should be some problems with your setup. I will check it out for you in one RDP session. Could you please contact our skype support (available in our footer)?
  • Now lpm is 20-70 always @AliTab thank you so much for oyur help, by the way i use my own pc for gsa as i got 16gb ram really strong and good internet (i used scrapebox 24/7 here and my entire family also uses a lot of bandwidth and they never complained) my cpu is also great so i will contact you on skype. About proxies i plan to buy 10 semi deidcated from the website that you sent me the link..
  • AliTabAliTab
    You'd better use dedicated ones instead of semi-dedicated proxies.
    I'll help you through skype.
  • which vpm lpm do you have @AliTab
  • AliTabAliTab
    edited September 2021
    draculax said:
    which vpm lpm do you have @AliTab
    It depends on many things but with running 300 - 400 threads, that should be more than 80 - 100 constantly (up to 600 - 700 but not constantly)
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