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Keywords in T1 Anchor Texts?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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What are the best practices regarding anchors pointing to one's money site?

I look at link profiles and see different SEO ppl do this differently.

Should it just be URL as anchor pointing to MS?

Is there any loss in NOT putting KWs at T1?

I do realize competition can easily see what KWs a website is building links  for  when putting them right out there, or without a redirect. Does that even matter? Just seeing what KWs a site ranks for provides the same info.


  • i would like to know also 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Does this transmit the link power of anchor text "COOL"?

    MS<<<T1 anchor:m0neysite(dot)com<<T2 anchor:COOL<<T3 anchor:COOL

    What about this?

    MS<<<T1 anchor:COOL<<T2 anchor:m0neysite(dot)com<<T3 anchor:COOL

    Or this?

    MS<<<T1 anchor:m0neysite(dot)com<<T2 anchor:m0neysite(dot)com<<T3 anchor:COOL

    Can there be interruptions, or must every link in a series have the KW to add weight from lowest tiers for THAT KW, specifically?


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Best case scenario is where the links across tiers are all related keyword anchors. As a signal to google, it helps with determining relevance. Use a list of related keywords and not just one anchor text.

    The scenarios where you have non keyword anchors in your tiers will still help, as long as the links are do follow across the tiers, link juice will still flow and rank boost passed to your money site. This will still boost the page authority of all links in tiers and hence your money site page. At the very least, your tier 1 link needs to have your target keyword in it to benefit from the tiered links. But, this is not as effective as the above the scenario where keyword anchors are used in all links in all tiers.

    Using keywords as anchor text is the best scenario. But to avoid issues with over optimisation, you need to mix in other anchor texts across your tiers, such as generics, url anchors, domain anchors, brand name anchors etc etc

    As part of your overall link profile, it's necessary to use non keyword anchors, even though using generics etc makes things less efficient, it's still necessary to avoid over optimisation penalties. Gone are the days of using solely exact match anchors to rank. These days it's much more about brand name links which is the most natural type of anchor text to use and what most non seo's will be using.

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