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After last UpDate GSA SER doesnt use xEvil

Problem in the title of this topic.

Its just all time message "18:03:20: [-] 2822/5642 unwanted captcha found (g-recaptcha-response)" and did not solve any types of captchas ( before it breake million captchas in a week. I dont change any settings, just update gsa


  • i fix it, just turn on captcha solving in all projects
  • Hello! How can I load previous version of GSA?
  • SvenSven
    your previous version of SER is always links in start menu.
  • omg, sorry, but i cant understand where is it
  • Hello,
    I have the same problem with captchas and recaptchas with xevil since the last update as well as a vpm problem, impossible to come back as before?
  • Good morning,
    there are people who have this problem of speed with gsa vpm very low compared to 2 months or 1 month and a half?
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