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alexzetoalexzeto Philadelphia,PA
edited August 2021 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello everyone, I have about 80 or so projects running on GSA right now creating tier 2 links for my web2.0 created with RankerX, I also have Xevil and CB running for captchas with proper setup, dedicated proxies are setup as well, everything was running great for 10 or 12 days, now looks like everything is "stuck" all I see on the console is:

name of project: loaded 2/16 URLs form site list
name of project: loaded 28/48 URLs form site list
name of project: loaded 0/98 URLs form site list

I use catchalls email as well, everything is green no error on the screen.

Any ideas ? Thank you.

(SOLVED) Never mind guys, the problem was with the CPU usage, for some stupid reason it was set as 20% instead of 60%.

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