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No form tag on the login page

edited August 2021 in New Engines/Platforms
Hi @Sven

How can I log in when there is no <form> tag on the page?

<div class="w3-col" style="width:80px;"><label for="beuser">username:</label></div>
<div class="w3-rest"><input type="text" id="beuser"></div>
<div class="w3-col" style="width:80px;"><label for="bepass">password:</label></div>
<div class="w3-rest"><input type="password" id="bepass"></div>
<button class="self-center w3-border-0" style="display: block; margin-top: 6px;" onclick="GetAsyncVal('Default');">login</button>


  • SvenSven
    you need to use "post data" and "modify url" + "just download=1" and use data you see when debugging in browser.
    Thanked by 1AliTab
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