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Anti-captcha Service Responds Very Unprofessionally

edited August 2021 in GSA Website Contact

I just wanted to warn others about Antigate/Anti-captcha service. I simply gave them some honest feedback about their website and they responded cursing me out. This is very unprofessional and no way for any good company to reply to any type of feedback. It reeks unprofessionalism and I wouldn't do business with any company like this, and wouldn't recommend anyone else to do so either.

Here's a link to the ticket if you want to see it:


  • SvenSven
    Thanks for sharing, indeed very unprofessional and ethically questionable! :-(
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Yeah, and I'm also unclear if they go by the name of Anti-Captcha and Antigate...or was their former name Antigate??? I just don't want to put the wrong company on blast when I post my reviews around the web.
  • SvenSven
    they previously used antigate but changed there service to anti-captcha.
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Yeah, I wonder why. Maybe it's because they're trying to hide a crappy reputation under a new name. That's usually the reason why many companies change names. Anyway, I wouldn't even recommend having this so-called service added on the list anymore. Anyone who goes off like this obviously can't be trusted - especially to even attempt to do business with. I'm done with this guy, he's a mad man. But I'm posting this one last updated screen capture so you can see how this clown is still going off the rails. It's ridiculous. If anybody still wants to business with a clown like this then go right ahead:
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