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Shuffle Keywords

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests
Hey I've been using GSA for a little while.  One thing that I would like to see added is, the ability to shuffle the order of the keywords that are used to find target sites.  This way if a person uses a huge list of keywords in all there project, they wont keep posting to the same sites over and over.


  • with shuffle that can happen, without shuffle that will never happen, think about it... if you shuffle keywords there is a probability that the keyword you already used is the one coming next because of the shuffle, but without shuffle you will never repeat a keyword.
  • I get what your saying.  That not what I meant though.

    I don't want to shuffle keywords the whole time a project runs. I just want to shuffle the order of keywords when I start a new project.  Like maybe a little shuffle button or something.  This way with a huge generic keyword list you don't start each project with the same words first.  Ie. You don't always start of with the letter A.  Hope that kind of cleared up what I meant.  
  • ooh ok now i get it..., i am not sure if SER cache save this, @sven should confirm this... but if cache save last keyword used then there is no trouble, unless you delete cache.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    are you sure it doesn't happen already? My understanding is it grabs a set number of keywords randomly at the start. 

    Well at least I hope so! I use the %spinfile so it should grab a random line from my keyword file on each use. 
  • Yeah.  I'm still pretty new to seo.  But I know allot of people use one big list for all there tier 2 and lower links.  It just seems like if all the tiers start posting links to apple then apricot.  In the same order that bit would form a pattern and look spammy especially since your not using hand written content.

    I mean no biggie if it can't be done.  There other ways to do it, but this would just eliminate a step.  That's all.
  • SvenSven
    Keywords are loaded and randomized in order. So thats happening already.
  • @AlexR Yeah.  Like I said I'm still pretty new to GSA.  Since I didn't actually see the list of keyword shuffled I didn't know.  It probably does when you actually run the project.  Lol. 

    Thanks guys for the input and thanks Sven for clearing that up.
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