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Garbage - Dont waste your money!

TheCreeperTheCreeper Turkey
edited August 10 in SEREngines
Submit only 7-8 links, i have 500 dedicated proxies, bulk and google accounts but no way. Only 7-8 links at all. I sent many e-mails to owner but no reply at all. Tried everything from 15 days. I did exactly the same on videos, tried something else but got only 8 link maximum. Something wrong with serengines and the main thing he is no reply emails. Ppl pay you $$$, maybe you are busy but need to answer or fix your tool. $15 nothing for me but for some country $15 huge money. Dont rip please ppl, @Sven you are a king and very good person. You have to kick him from this forum that he cant rip anymore. So bros dont waste your money for only 7-8 garbage links as evernote and diigo links..


  • SvenSven
    Sorry to hear that really, and yes you have a point here as well. He should fix his stuff! :neutral:
  • Good morning,
    he doesn't even have the courtesy to answer that makes several times.
    He only has to give you the project and you will monetize it @Sven, it is in your strings.
  • I tried his service as well last month. Seemed like a good cheap replacement for rankerx to get those web 2.0 links, But I had the same experience, hardly get any links from the service and I just cancelled after days of trying and testing. Didn't bother asking for a refund as he's been awol on the forums for ages. Even his sales thread people complain about his abscence.
    Thinkng about it now, he gets $14.95 each time someone tries out his service.  And it is poop. It's not right. He should either fix it, or it should stop being advertised so other users can avoid the same experience.
  • Everything depends on your settings and the URL base that you have.
  • Everything depends on your settings and the URL base that you have.

    Are you kidding? How many links do you get from the service?
  • I wasn't too happy either last time I used them a few months ago, dedicated proxies, captcha breakers, gmail emails the whole nine..
    It only created a few links on 3 engines out of the whole list.
  • Although I must say when I emailed him in the past, he did answer quite fast and was helpful.
  • YamiraanYamiraan Manchester
    guys is it a good idea to use custom gmail catchall emails?
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