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Proxy Judge Issue on ProxyScraper

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In case someone has problems with testing scraped proxies, change the ProxyJudge URL to one of the following:


  • How do I change this on ProxyScraper?

    I do notice that ProxyScraper has not been able to add new proxies since yesterday.
  • SvenSven
    Please change the URL in the marked field below:

  • SvenSven
    latest update of proxy scraper is testing and auto updating the proxyjudge URL
    Thanked by 1AliTab
  • What is the Screenshot of the App above please?

  • edited August 2021
    Does Proxy Scraper allow you to add your own proxy Judges, so if this happens again, there isnt a lag in the time of being able to test?
  • Sven could you please respond, so I can try and resolve this problem?

    1. How do I add my own Proxy Judges in Proxy Scraper?
    2. What is the screenshot of the App above?
  • SvenSven
    This is not about GSA Proxy Scraper, it's for all other GSA products that use proxies. But the problem also existed in GSA Proxy Scraper which has also been updated.
  • Can I add my own Proxy Judges to Proxy Scraper?
  • SvenSven
    Yes sure. You can, but the one included should be fine as well.
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    Hi Sven can you please explain how I do this, with a document or a way of changing it to a different Proxy Judge?

    If its something you dont want o explain, please just say so?

    Something still isnt clearly working correctly
    When I load 200 Proxies that I know work on other Purchased Proxy programmes, this one only show up 1 working one.


  • SvenSven
    just enable some other tests that will check the anonymous status. Changing the proxyjudge was done for you in latest update.
  • Sven why are you not answering my question?

    I also recommended some ideas for your software, which was ignored.

    As a paying customer, it would be nice for you to explain.
    it’s seems like a struggle to get an answer.

    You do know that your software has been cracked, and I chose to support you, the software writer and do things correctly?

    is this not how business works in these struggling times, with reviews recommendations and support?

  • SvenSven
    you are over complicating things. I just mentioned that the issue was fixed in latest update and also suggested another solution.
    Yea the software was cracked (really, try it and you will see the difference!), now what does this has to do with it? Do you get better support from crackers? If so, feel free to ask them! I find it unethical to even talk about cracks on a publishers forum.
    Anyway, what suggestions did you offer btw?

    If you really want to add your own ProxyJudge simply go to options->automatic search->click on ADD and add your own test para mates or edit the tests scripts in %appdata%\gsa proxy scraper\test_data\ yourself manually via notepad.
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    Hi Sven to be fair I havnt actually done anything and it seems to be getting better results now

    No I wasnt over complicating anything, I was getting absolutely No results at all.
    I explained that I respect peoples work, hence why I refused to crack the software, but the most I have done at 5 days at a time was
    to use it.
    You were frustrating me, as you seemed to give unsatisfactory answers, very similar to a teenager, who has just woken up.
    The reason I was asking about the Proxy Judges is because, I want to be able to test Private Judges.

    The Suggestion which I made was to be able to see the Proxy "In Use" instead of having to Options/Settings so view a small box.

    Stay Safe


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