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I use few link lists here..then i used to build my own link list.. now?

Like i tiled on the thread i used to build great link list by few list providers here. But recently i found mine unique links are not allowed for future use... backlinks are there... everything fine.. but just GSA SER don't support them anymore...

for this reason now i am paying $$$ for quality link lists..i know its good and worth..but i like it used to be

any opinions ? 


  • AliTabAliTab
    SER uses some link patterns and also Footprints to know how it should react and does login/register and link submission steps.
    If URLs are still alive(For example, that page is not 404, comment section or register page is not closed and ...), it may be that website has removed its footprints(for example changing platform or even changing theme) 
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  • I doubt SER has removed any platforms. Can you still find the register/login pages on the sites your links are on?
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