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Hi i am new to gsa I have some question if you know please Tell me

1) Can I create 90+ da Social Profile Backlinks With Gsa Ranker
2) How to set 50+ high da backlinks to be created setting on gsa ranker campaign only have pr option
3) How much backlinks i can created per minutes if i run 700 thread and with high da and quality of all type of backlinks created
4) how much thread i can run on 16 gb ram , 6 core vps
5) How much backlinks i can get per 30 days if quality backlinks only created
6) if i purchased verified gsa ranker list how can i create allot of backlinks

i have checked gsa ranker Tutorials But it have limited videos and don't much have these info i just asked Please Tell Me If You Know.


  • Your questions need to be more specific, and for most of them there are too many variables to give a proper answer.

    1) Yes, if you know some 90+ DA websites that use the engines that SER has built-in. Otherwise you'll need to script these websites yourself.

    2) Use software such as GSA PR Emulator ( to enable mapping of DA to PR

    3) Too many factors to give any useful answer

    4) See above

    5) See above

    6) By using the list seller's instructions.
  • Thank You cherub For Replying As 1st What i mean social profile backlink is Will Gsa Go to Website and created profile backlinks
  • Yes, SER can create profile backlinks. Whether they are 90+ DA will depend on if you can find any such domains that use any of the built-in engines.
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