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SE Yandex: NULL search results if Captcha show

XivaXiva Marocco

I'm new in GSA and try to use Yandex as search engine. If Yandex not use captcha in search results, no problem had happen. For example:

But when Yandex show captcha before search - GSA show empty results .

I think that GSA is not also trying to recognize the captcha, not send request to special Captcha's software - GSA think that there are no results. Actually in many captchas Yandex not ask input any characters, it's just need push mouse in the square -

Why GSA not try to recognize the Captcha in search on Yandex? How to resolve it?

Thank you for your help!


  • SvenSven
    Thats true, SER does not use captcha solvers to solve captchas for search engines. I think this would be a waste of resources as you have plenty of other methods and search engines to get targets.
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