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Work only under private proxy but it work without proxy sometimes

I have a problem - I work only through a privat proxys, but sometimes GSA simply loses sight of this option and I catch a lot abuses on my server. GSA can work well 10-20 hours and in no reason for few hours just switch off  use proxies and i got 100-200 abuses for this time, and after that GSA again work well.
I got this few times in a month
What should I do?


  • SvenSven
    No, SER will never switch off proxies on it's own. Make sure your settings under "Configure" are correct and no public, none anonymous proxy is used.
    Also what kind of abuses/complains are you getting?
  • In configure I have only 100 my private proxies

    BitNinja say that i try to "Wordpress Bruteforce Login Attempt"
    In thair log i saw domains from my wordpress domain base, smthng like ""

    I can send log to you in PM
  • SvenSven
    xmlrpc is a known method to submit on wordpress, it's no bruteforce or exploit.
    Though then your proxies might not be anonymous and leak your real ip!?
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