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Best Spinner 4 stops working with Content Generator

Hi guys,
After X-spinner stops working with my Content Generator this weeks The Best Spinner 4 is also not working.
Can please someone help me:
Please check the screenshot:


  • SvenSven
    I am already in talk with there support. Right now they wrote me that they forwarded the issues to the developers. I hope they fix things soon.
  • Ok, thanks!

  • SvenSven
    edited July 2021
    got a reply now and all they replied was "It's working, GSA is the problem!". Pffff yea sure, an API working for ages and now failed in two programs is of course our problem.

    Im not sure how to solve this really. But I guess it has to wait till Im back from vacation (monday next week).
  • SvenSven
    Is there still some issue in latest update? If so, be so kind and send me your login/password to debug this in a private message. I don't have an account.
  • It fixes x-spinner but the best spinner is still not working.
    Send you a PM.

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