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Disable Expanded view on start up.

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests
I hope you know what I'm talking about @Sven

When you have a lot of projects it's rather tedious to have to collapse all the tiers/projects you don't need expanded each time you start SER up.

For example, I'm trying to figure out how to make SER mimic the Full Monty template from nuke and it has has a lot of tiers and with SER that means each time I start the program all the tiers are exapnded, now if I have 3-4 projects going all running the Full Monty you can imagine the amount of time it takes to simply collapse the tiers/projects that aren't being worked on.

If SER could save/remember the workplace upon shutting it down that would be great.

And you may be wondering why SER is being shut down to begin with, 1. updates 2. SER is on my laptop so for various reasons it needs to be restarted from time to time, usually at least once a week. 3. I use a public proxy service so when my proxies are exhausted I stop SER and sometimes to conserve my computers resources I shut it down while I wait for new proxies.


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