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Issue with Import URLs + Check + Send + Export + Delete

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I have used the "Import URLs + Check + Send + Export + Delete" option for a project and it is not working properly.
Here is the problem I faced.
1. When GSA WC processed the URLs; it didn't save the success & failed entries in the root-success.txt & root-failed.txt files.
2. It imported the same root file again and started processing the entries again. Thus, sending messages to same sites in a loop.
It would have been perfect if it can export (append) the success & failed files and delete the entries of root.txt file but it is not working that way.

Please look into this issue.
Also, let me know if any further details are required from my side.



  • SvenSven
    latest update should fix it.
  • Just updated and checked.
    But the exact problem still exists. :(
    Can you please recheck.
  • SvenSven
    i did and have no issues at all. What exactly is in the log ?
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    Please delete this comment.
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    Please delete this comment.
  • Hi Sven,

    I am sharing the log file via pm now.

    Also, please note that I use the  same for both of the following:
    1. Scheduler > Import URLs from file
    2. Start  > "Import URLs + Check + Send + Export + Delete" > Choose files

  • SvenSven
    using the same file for scheduler and import is of course letting you sent the same content again. ones from import and later from clearing it out after processing and importing again from scheduler.
  • thanks Sven, for your time im sure you busy!!  Im still getting the same message.  Ok ive compared my notes to those of the manual and they are pretty much the same except on proxyjudge my options are different,...... I also noticed in the video tutorial he uploaded url... I let GSA  scrape my URLs........ ?good idea or no.....
    next Question is this something I can take to a computer shop and ask for help or are their  any recommended books
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