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Thank you Sven & GSA team

Caroline12Caroline12 North America
edited June 2021 in Other / Mixed

I have been using GSA SER for 4 years now, and I don't know what I would do without it. It has helped me to become the top ranking website in niche website projects.

I have suffered from lack of individual success when outsourcing. It was a learning curve, but those who want to learn GSA for themself should never outsource anything at all because the process will not work as others suspect. Follow black hat world and gsa forum here to read about gsa seo strategies etc.

4 years ago i was struggled to make my first campaign with all the lpm vpm . I was not a guru in seo. That's how it all began and now i am kinda feel like a guru thanks to these 2 forums.

never be a cry baby or spoon feeder no one is going to spoon feed.

Thank you team and community!

my bud and me are having a chilling beer so thank you! kinda drunk and sorry if this stupid LOL!


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