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my verified links

Good afternoon, after updating the GSA SER, my verified links have been reset, what should I do?


  • SvenSven
    right click on project->show urls->verified->right click on listing->import verified urls->failed reverify.
    Im sure it's somewhere saved in that file.
  • Does not help
  • SvenSven
    yes, but did you try to import failed reverify?
  • I did as you wrote, nothing came of it
  • SvenSven
    please have a look into the project folder. Maybe there are some temp files saved. Show a screenshot to be sure.
  • I do not quite understand you, write in more detail
  • SvenSven
    there are files like *.success.EC77 Thats a temp file. You can try renaming them and leave the EC77 ending away...that would bring back some verified at least.
  • It did not help
  • this issue came from the most recent update
  • SvenSven
    the update has nothing to do with it...all that was changed is the skin + bugfixes and that doesn't influence the data.
  • I am writing in fact, there were 4000 verified links, after updating 0 links, for some projects
  • SvenSven
    Well what else can i say than pointing out what i have changed on the source!?
    Im really not aware of any bug in that code that would have influenced it. Also no other customer seems to have problems and there are a lot.
  • it is not the first time that verified links have been reset to zero, this has already happened after updates, but I decided that this was an accident, but no, this is already a regularity. Conclusion it is not necessary to update the GSA, as after that problems appear. Thanks for trying to help.
  • SvenSven
    I know you are pissed but with that kind of conversation tone it's not easy being helpful. I tried though.
  • I am a little upset, but still wish you good luck and prosperity.
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