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Question about GSA SEO Indexer

My GSA SER seems to be dumping TONS of url's to the indexer. It wasn't doing it at first, it took a few days, not it won't stop. It's in the high tens of thousands. And each one takes about a minute to do, but it looks like lots of sites are going by for each one. Yet the number of URL's in the queue keeps getting added to. Even not running a project for a few days the indexer was barely able to make a dent in the numbers. I'm not sure how to deal with this. Because it takes up thread power and slows down the main program.

Any suggestions?


  • Couple of options.
    1) You can restrict the urls that get sent to GSA SEO Indexer in the Indexing settings window. Setting a min/max PR (if you use a PR emulator), or submitting dofollow links only, or the 'Send only certain engine types' option should allow you to whittle down the links that get sent (eg it's probably useless sending anything not contextual).
    2) Use a 3rd party service for indexing, free up all those resources and never have to think of it again.
  • I see a lot of stuff going on about re-verification. I turned that option off recently, and even tried to wipe out the stuff in the indexer. But I think GSA SER remembers. I wish I could wipe out it's queue of stuff it wanted to re-verify with the indexer so the new changes could take affect. I'm assuming that's what's going on because for the longest time that's all I see scrolling past at the moment.
  • Good morning,
    can't we index our links with a gsa ser strategy?
    Is it necessary to have a third party service?
    When you make a campaign of several third parties what service do you use for indexing because it represents a small budget anyway?
    My big problem is the indexing at this time can you help me? @cherubin
  • Using SER links I've had the best results using a tier of comments/guestbooks/forum posts for indexing. For this indexing tier you basically want links that are not orphaned, and are going to get crawled naturally with the rest of the site they're on.

    I don't currently need a 3rd party indexer but in the past I've had the best results with Speed-Links.
  • ok very thanks @cherubin
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