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PI not responding when monitor folder is processed completely

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Hi @Sven
PI is not responding when it has checked all files which are in monitored folder. It doesn't freeze completely but the program is not responding time to time when this happens. I think the threads are still running and not eliminated even if there are no files to check and that's why it's not responding.
Thank you!


  • SvenSven
    well it monitors the folder and will not stop until you do it manually.
  • AliTabAliTab
    Hi @Sven
    Thanks for the reply.
    that's true and it shouldn't stop monitoring in case if new files are added but this makes PI not responding when there are no more text files to process.
    For example I'm using 300 threads for monitoring one folder(also there are 2 other folders which I'm monitoring with 200 threads each). PI works without hanging but when all files are processed and until new files are added to that monitored folder, it's not responding time to time and if I stop that manually, other monitoring process(the other monitoring folders with 200 threads each) work fine.
  • SvenSven
    I really can't reproduce this behavior. I tried but maybe Im missing some configuration option that causes this.

    Can you maybe send me all the data 8projects and settings + files?
  • It is True @AliTab @Sven

    If I am running 1000 threads, everything goes well.
    CPU usages is 60-70%
    Bandwidth consuming 150Mbps 
    I can easily click and edit the camapign 

    But once the folder monitoring finish, the PI start going to Unresponsive time to time.
    Even tho it is using 5-7% CPU now, and very less Bandwidth.
    So I can not click and edit camapign, it freeze up everything.

    One more thing, It seems that everything goes normal if my ScrapeBox add more files and PI have work to do.
  • edited June 2021
    It is cleartly afecting other monitering folders as well.

    So if One folder finished, My other folder monitering camapigns freez as well.
    There is another catch  >_<

    This other folder is just frozen BUT did not stopped working. It is working BUT not reporting the states and DownSpeed.
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