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Banned proxies - What to do?

I noticed when checking my dedicated proxies reguraly, I noticed in Options > Configure, some are shown as not working, date, timestamp then 'banned' they are showing up as banned. But not all are banned yet, but I bought 10 dedicated proxies from buyproxies marketplace.
Will the proxies be expected to circumvent ban or is it really as it sounds, a permanent ban? Obviously in search engine game we need proxies for this and suppose banning normal using tools like SER. But are there ways to get around it? As I paid $20pm for these proxies. Hopefully anyone can offer suggestions. Thanks guys.


  • @Sven I'm having the same issues but last time Buyproxies said my proxy bundles were working fine.  It's odd, I have 10 plus bundles from buyproxies, some work and some don't.  Maybe time to find a new vendor.....Also, Use CONNECT as proxy type, not WEB...most WEB proxies do not work with https, is what sven told me. But still no luck.
  • I've email Buyproxies again and we'll see what they say again.
  • I think I narrowed it down, it could be one my remote server issue.  I tested the "bad" proxy on a different GSA server and the buyproxies bundles work fine.  But the problem is, I don't really know how to fix the server issue so the proxies can work again...
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