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New skin looking good!

The new skin design looks good, nice and crisp. I get a bit of window flickering when running with the debug window open but other than that no issues yet. Very unexpected after almost 10 years ;)


  • SvenSven
    thanks for the feedback. I will work on the debug window.
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    The new skin scales with Windows font size and it looks insane on 125% DPI fonts... it's WAY too big. Please disable this scaling... it's so bad :'(  My eyes are dying as we speak - sent you a message with screenshot @Sven

    Note: The scaling in the actual project settings looks fine... but the "main window" scaling is not working properly, it's scaling with Windows font DPI.
  • SvenSven
    hmm but shouldn't that be case? I mean if windows scales with 120dpi, it should scale SER as well!?
  • Sven said:
    hmm but shouldn't that be case? I mean if windows scales with 120dpi, it should scale SER as well!?
    Oh, I hate the new skin
    It takes a long time to update and I don't understand why you changed it. Can't i just use the former skin ?
  • SvenSven
    "Hate" is such a strong word....what exactly is slower than before? The update speed has nothing to do with the skin.
  • the new skin is not bad, it will take some time to get use to it, thanks Sven
  • Sven said:
    FYI this does not work... The fonts are still insanely big even with this option enabled.
  • SvenSven
    big? I thought they where too small? Please post a screenshot.
  • simply i love it 
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Love the new skin @Sven. Makes the software look very modern.
  • Sven said:
    big? I thought they where too small? Please post a screenshot.
    can we change the color ? like black  
  • SvenSven
    @iamsrilankan not right now...but a dark skin may come ones i have fixed all the little things in the gui that the new skin destroyed (not much though).
  • A dark mode would be great
  • cherub said:
    A dark mode would be great

    and a zen mode with lime green.
  • @Sven new update works! Setting on "Small" makes it almost identical to where it was beforehand. Thanks so much for this update!
  • SvenSven
    your welcome ;)
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    Tampilan gsa terbaru menarik, tetapi saya bingung untuk backlink beberapa url tidak bisa di masukkan dengan gsa di dalam mode komentar, url hasil modif dan url backlink yang dibuat manual untuk di backlink ternyata mengarah ke homepage bukan url yg dituju ..
    Maaf saya tidak terlalu paham dengan bahasa inggris, jadi dengan bahasa Indonesia, mohon bantuannya...
  • SvenSven
    DanyRosepta sorry but I don't know what you mean. Please provide a screenshot.
  • Nice skin Sven!
    A little suggestion if you are still at it.
    Would it be possible to make that little down pointing arrows next tot the START/STOP button wider? I can't count the times I hit start when I wanted to only schedule posting. SER needs a very long time to stop if the project list is crowded. 
  • SvenSven
    @TheGypsy I don't think thats something I have influence on.
  • Waiting for Dark mode. How long it can take?
  • SvenSven
    @MasumKhan with that attitude - longer
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    Not to bump an old thread but. . .

    I have recently been playing around more with the look and feel of SER from a visual standpoint from my eyes being strained/hurting and found myself wishing Yes the "skin" would look more like some of the other amazing GSA tool skins but for GSA SER . . .

    I will try to put together a short guide on how I adjusted this ASAP, to look like other similiar tools and/or let you "steal" my settings and adjust to your own preference from there.

    I saw some comments, and to some users - damn CLICK some buttons, play/test with some things, read the manuals, gogle some stuff (or use another search engine) if your unsure of something and if you learn and find useful please share back and help other community members who may find themselves in the same spot at some point!

    We should not be acting as selfish competitors here, we should be helping each other improve not coming here to complain and/or looking for handouts!

    That being said, @Sven has added free lifetime support for GSA products and has been super helpful since day one. I can't think of another company/service that has done or is still doing this 12ish years later, can you? 

    And your going to complain? And potentially, ruin that?

    How about we share useful tips/tricks and try encouraging one another?

    I really don't understand  :/

  • On the topic of a "New Skin" and how to optimize your SER to SEE better and make things easier on the eyes, this can be a viable solution while working with within the software.

    ***Results will differ for many reasons so this will require you to do some testing and have some patience!!!

    The short of it is, sometimes when using software it can cause eyestrain, this can slow down your workflow which will affect how productive you can be. Also causing migraines, so the following solution to achieve this "grey" theme which is suitable for a "somewhere" in the middle of light/dark mode color has been achieved to help. It's not too light while also being not to dark. You can adjust to a range of "yellow" "purple" and "pinkish" from testing other then what we see here which looks similar to maybe a office 2010 black-like theme?

    One cannot simply expect the same results! But if you want to just swipe these settings, well here they are...

    This is a visual to help about DPI scale . . . It's set default 96 but examples here is changed to 192.

    This should fix the issue of "wanting the arrow on the button on schedule bigger and more to right" which can enhance that part a bit.

    Below are some more examples of this "darker theme" and enlarging things to see better. . .

    Forum Subject = A very silly example! Not how the software should be used.! Clearly, we can only hope no simpleton would do this!

    This is how the main Settings Data GUI will look. Sometimes in can also happen that some fields will seem "clipped" or have an effect they they are covering each other. If this happens test some more or wait a bit as sometimes changes take time to "take affect". Sometimes maybe changes were not saved correctly. Double check!

    This is how the custom project color picker will look now. . .

    This is how the project pane will look. . .

    The Engines/icons should become larger filling the pane now. . .

    Since software can pretty much do anything "YOU" set here, there is an overwhelming amount off options. Maybe think off as 4 minified "folders" to make life easier. It might be easier for some to think off this way.

    We can see the Custom Captcha Setup may be easier, for some, to see now and possible navigate through.

    Also, some errors might occur as seen here with the Icons below. The white space behind the top 4 can only be fixed if edited and upload as .png so probably not worry about that. Also, they were larger and straight up and down filling the space but now they look this way.

    This is just one example of how you may want to set the "SKIN" and configure somethings to to the way "YOU" prefer.

    Results will vary so test patiently and be aware there is no "right way"  as different users have different preferences so do what work best for you!

    Some helpful hints have also been sprinkled in to this "skin" modification example. Hopefully, you got a Gem or two!
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  • @Deeeeeeee no problem, I hope its helpful to some! Note that there are also some default settings you don't have to use my "custom number" which may possibly already be in on of the options. That's why I let the DPI scale visual to help.

    Tested them all and found this worked best for ME is all.

    Plus, I saw people complaining about skin.

    Side note: unfortunately guide was cut short since after latest update SER was pulled into the cosmos so I could not take any more screenshots so I'm missing a lot from what was planned. Though I did throw together in a few hours so I sure much room for improvements.

    Any added suggestions or help or personal experience that could help others are more than welcome by anyone!

    Just wanted to explain a "workaround" for people having similar issues as solution for now.
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