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Verified Links Is Poor

I am using GSA tool. Verified links is very poor so how to improve verified links in GSA tool any information and setting share with me so please help me.


  • It's mainly down to what target urls you have and what engines you use. If you buy a list from one of the providers in Buy/Sell/Trade they usually come with setup guides for optimal posting.
  • It's general URL and GSA search engines use. some screenshot attached here. this is the setup guide and any more setups guide please provide. 
  • uncheck the search engines if you have  site list, if not use  Bing or yahoo . the best option is buying a list other than its just a waste time. but if you make your own list it will be worth.  
  • OK Thank You
  • how to make your own list? @iamsrilankan
  • draculax said:
    how to make your own list? @iamsrilankan
    you can use scrapebox to scrape url from search engine or use ahref  to export millions of url domain from competitors.  then remove duplicate and run a test project for blog site. that will take lot of time

  • after lot of time waste i could get over 1400 unique contextual domain. that's worth ( with lot of filter (exclude china,low obl 100 bellow, High pr by using alexa traffic rank) 
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