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Posting only to verified imported Project Accounts

Hi Sven,

Please, I have some verified accounts that have been steady for several months.

My problem is about using the import account feature of SER.

I might need some clearance here first.

1. Does SER import all the created accounts in a project or does it only import the ones with VERIFIED links?

2. If it imports all accounts, how does one ensure that it only imports accounts with verified links.

Since, I already have these accounts created, how do I FORCE SER to re-login into these accounts imported from the verified links of other projects.

I don't want to use no new list or make SER to search for links to post to. I only want it to post these verified account links.

I would really appreciate your guidance in this respect.


  • SvenSven
    1. It will use all accounts, not just the one that verified
    2. right click on the project with the accounts->modify->delete unused accounts. Then you can import and it would only import where verified links are present

  • Ok, thanks for that part of the equation.

    Now, when posting, how does one FORCE the program to only use those import account when posting.

    What I mean is, I want to be posting new articles to these existing accounts. So, when I add a new article, does SER automatically login and post these accounts.

    Are there any particular settings I have to be conscious of?

    Thanks for your great effort.
  • SvenSven
    Disable all search engines in project options + settings below.
    Thats basically all you need to take care of to not submit to any other sites than the one you imported.
    However it will not automatically submit every new article you add. You need to define how many "posts per account" in project options and maybe use the option to not submit an article more than once per account in article manager.
  • OK. Sven,

    Thanks a lot. I'll try out what you've advised above.

    However, from experience, I know that SER is can be pretty funny when it comes to "posts per account" and "not to submit an article more than once per account."

    The next thing you it will tell you is "to add new article" even when you know it has not submitted certain links.

    Thanks though, I play around with the above and see how far along I can get it do just what I want.

    Do have a great week!
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