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Sites/Engines where youtube embed works

I have a project tier where I am not interested in link building, only in embedding a youtube video. 
Can I (and if so how do I) select only the engines/sites which allow for youtube embeds? 

Alternatively: is there a way to filter my verified links to see where a video was included? (that way I could build my own list)

Alternatively 2: can someone please point me at a list of current web properties that allow for youtube embeds, independently of whether GSA SER can build them?

PS I have already tried Google (duh!) and only found some very outdated Web2.0 lists and fiverr gigs.
PPS I know I could somehow do all that with the help of Scrapebox, but was hoping I don't need to go into street fighting...


  • SvenSven
    Hmm we had a discussion about that before but as always, I can't find the thread.
    I can however give you a list of engines that do not allow embedded videos. Thats for sure not complete though.
    • MediaWiki
    • BBPress (Forum Profile)
    • DokuWiki
    • TikiWiki
    • BuddyPress
    • XpressEngine
    • Askbot
    • Trac
    • PHPFox
    • MoinMoin
    • WikkaWiki
    • Free DNS
    • MacOSWiki
    • + all engines not allowing articles of course
  • Heheh, this is elusive to search, even on Google. Intentionally?
    Thank you for narrowing it down for me. 
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