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Indexing Web 2.0s

edited March 2013 in Need Help
I have ordered 250 web 2.0 in another forum and I was planning to build tier 2 & 3 to it but I'm waiting for it to get indexed first. Right now only 200 that have my live links. All of this are one post and one link type of web 2.0. 37 out of 200 are indexed in google. It's been 10 days.

Should I use GSA Indexer Feature in GSA? I don't have GSA SEO Indexer though or should I just build the tier 2 & tier 3 links to it immediately?



  • SvenSven
    Using the SEO Indexer would not hurt...I would give it a try.
  • Yes SER Indexer does a good job + building a Tier2 to the Web 2.0 will help them get indexed
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I will implement it now.  :)
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