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why my project No URLs to submit, project on pause for 5 minutes ?

mk88mk88 indonesia
why is my project paused like this?


  • SvenSven
    Your project does not have any URLs to build links for.
    If this is a tier project, then you have no verified urls on the main project or the filters do not give enough URLs.
    If this is a main project, then the macro you use on the URL input field is not giving back results.
    Thanked by 1mk88
  • mk88mk88 indonesia
    thank you for information
  • mk88mk88 indonesia
    So what do I need to prepare to provide a URL?

  • mk88mk88 indonesia
    I've also bought a lot of list verif

  • SvenSven
    You didn't give insights of what project type it is. The issue has nothing to do with having "list verify" or not.
  • mk88mk88 indonesia
    I understand, thank you for the information
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