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GSA Seo Indexer not index more

Is there a problem with the GSA SEO Indexer? He is not capturing links from the GSA SER in this new installation of the entire set that I have GSA.
Just to mention, I use a license for a copy.
Problem that the GSA SEO Indexer does not capture links from the GSA SER. GSA URL Redirect also does not capture. This set the two programs as GSA SER's indexer.


  • SvenSven
    Im sure it's working. Try the TEST button on SER.
    Keep in mind that links are only sent 5 days after verification by default. You can change this in project options.
  • Three months and still backlinks are not indexing, you think what's the problem sven?
  • SvenSven
    Well Im not "Google" so I have no clue. However, send me the links in private and maybe I can judge about it and see why that is so.
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