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Getting Blog Comments

I am reading through the forum and I see people talking about hundreds of links per minute and specifically blog comments. I've set my account up to make most kinds of links but I am getting mostly 302 redirects or fast indexer links. I am lucky if I get 20 links per hour. Admittedly I am using my own list and I don't use search engines.

I've curated a list of blog posts all on different domains which should mostly be pages inviting comments but I get literally no blog comments. Perhaps I need to set something more up? Here is my setup:



  • To get blog comments you have to have targets where ser can successfully post to.
    If you are making your own list then get all the blog comments footprints, check which ones give you the most results, scrape the net for them, clean the list, load them into project, run a project, select the ones that give you the most results or any results at all then start scraping for them.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Oh, and you should have different project for each engine type or group them according to your needs.
    Also I'm not sure you should have exploit enabled at all if you don't know what are you doing with it.
  • Thanks for the ideas. Making a separate project for each kind of submission is a good idea indeed, so I can see what worked.

    >>To get blog comments you have to have targets where ser can successfully post to.

    I just pulled a few thousand urls from the web which have  <textarea and "leave a reply" in the html using a code search engine. Theoretically it should be easy to post to these as they are all going to be blog comments, especially as I have xevil and email with catchall set up. I realize buying a list will work better but wanted to see how it would work with my own searches. 

    At least 20% of them have to be wordpress just by the law of averages, so I must be doing something wrong with the SER config to get such a poor hit rate. 
  • It can be a lot of things.
    Proxy blocked
    Failed captcha
    Server down
    Or simply your comments aren't approved yet or maybe wont be ever.
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