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Scheduler Not Stopping Projects According to Subs/Verifications

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I had a number of new 1st Tiers added today and set them all to pause at 300 verifications. When I woke.....they all got around 800-1100 verifications each. I never had this problem when running campaigns outright, but have been recently using the Scheduler and it doesn't seem to follow protocols set forth by each project to pause within these limits.

Note: the Scheduler option, "Stop projects with status Active (Pause) is checked.


  • This is an extremely important option to have working.......will this be updated with a fix?
  • SvenSven

    Well there is a problem when using pause after xyz verifications that you must be aware of.

    Verified means that the URL is already placed and the program is now checking and finding it. It does verifications even if the limit is reached since the link is already there. So yes it can happen that you see a lot more verifications than the once set. Especially if you do not use the Automatic Verification but a fixed time or other options that influence it.

    I don't think there is a bug here but it's just natural.

  • 1. So essentially the "Pause after project..." for verifications does not work, correct? That's basically what your saying above.....quoted here: "It does verifications even if the limit is reached since the link is already there."

    2. Can I get a bit more clarity on this explanation please, as I can't make sense of it >> "Especially if you do not use the Automatic Verification but a fixed time or other options that influence it." I also do not see an option for  Automatic Verification? Was under the impression that it's automatically apart of SER to verify each link over time.

    3. So what is a more reliable solution then to use for capping links for new sites/new tiers? Using "Pause the project after X submissions"? I still don't understand why add a Pause Project for verifications if it's not even reliable?

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    "I still don't understand why add a Pause Project for verifications if it's not even reliable?"

    1) if you have 200 doesn't know exactly what all the threads are doing at any given moment. So you might cap it at 50 verifications, but 200 threads are in process of it might exceeed it.
    2) Let's say you want 50 verifications a day. Yesterday it struggles and does 5000 submissions to hit the 50 verified requirement. Today, it's going along and does some verifying and finds 2000 verified links (from yesterday)...even though you set it to cap at 50 verified. This get's compounded when you add in up to 5 days previous backlinking.

    Again..the severity of above depends on platforms and verified to submitted ratio. (i.e. if you have a good verified to submitted, it might not do so many submissions to get the required verifications which means the issue is less extreme) 
  • SvenSven

    @grafx77 you don't seem to understand. Once a URL is submitted, it can be live or not. If the program would stop all activities (even try to verify unverified), whats the use of this? The URLs are already live. It doesn't matter anymore if the program finds them now or not. And if you set a custom time for when verification happens it is of course worse.

    Let's say you say to pause a project after 300 verifications but have set to verify URLs only each 1400 minutes instead of letting the program choose the time, you might end up with a lot more verified URLs than just 300.

    1. I say it works!!! Read above why it might look different to you. The verification never stops, so you see more verified URLs even though no submissions are happening.

    2. Explained this above.

    3. It's as reliable as you set things up. Some people use this some the other options. 

    I don't have anything to add to this.

  • I read such explanation about verifications number several times in this forum. But could someone help me understand why "submissions for the day" doesn't work?

    I started a project with 10 submissions for the day, but it kept going on and stopped at 60 or so. The next day and on, the numbers were less off limit.

    If number of threads affect this, I only run 20 threads.
  • SvenSven
    No, thats a false information as well. The program will only start as many threads to make sure it stays in the submission limit. Let's say you want only 10 URLs but set 1000 threads, it will only start 10 threads. Once one URL is submitted, it will only start 9 threads and so on...
  • ronron

    This is good to know. I think we all had it wrong. What you said @sven makes complete sense.

    But that still doesn't explain why @audioguy sets '10 submissions in a day' and then gets 60 submissions.

    Any ideas on how that could happen?

  • @Alex- 1. I understand what your explaining, but were not talking about a difference of a hundred or so verifications not being counted due to high thread count. Were talking about absolutely no pause on any of the verifications. I can have SER set to pause at 50 verifications and it will continue onto a few THOUSAND! There is no least for verifications.

    2. 5000 submissions to hit 50 verified? Ummmm, that never happens, not even with captchas turned off. That is an extremely low verification rate. Again, I understand the delay in SER verifying links, but I am strictly checking against the numbers shown to me within Show Diagram/Chart. Are you or Sven telling me that these are not verified links shown within that chart? If so, then SER is recognizes these numbers.

    Again, I am aware of platform percentages, etc, etc etc........the point is, verification pausing does not work at least with the scheduler running.

    @Sven - no my friend....I understand everything you are telling me within your first paragraph. Who said I was setting a custom time for verifications anyways? This is actually one of the questions I asked you in my last response. Maybe your talking about the time set here? >> Pause the project after X verifications for X minutes. If not, then explain where this custom time for verifications is at?

    You stated >> "Let's say you say to pause a project after 300 verifications but have
    set to verify URLs only each 1400 minutes instead of letting the program
    choose the time"

    I am stating >> Ok, but if you read that option correctly, it says that SER should pause the project after X verifications for 1440 minutes. Notice the for! So that is properly stating that SER will pause after reaching X for 1440 minutes before it starts again, NOT that it checks verifications every 1440 minutes. This is how it's conveyed in English. I hope were understanding each other here.

    1. This had no relevance to what I was talking about. I think explaining more on what I just mentioned in my previous paragraph may help solve this.

    2. No you didn't or else I wouldn't have asked for clarification. You need to explain this Automatic verification. Your using terms that aren't defined within the program. I think that's why were never on the same page.

    3. Reliable as you set things up? What sort of explanation is that? I asked you a very simple and straightforward question. You seem to be strongly evading every attempt I ask for a more clear and concise explanation.

    @ron - you seem to explain things a lot better. If you can offer ANY light to this situation, I would be very thankful. I realize you and many other SER users set caps on the number of verifications or submissions you want to deliver per day, as well as running on a scheduler. How are you doing this within your campaigns? That's really all I want to know.

  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    @grafx77 - I have the T1's at x submissions per day, and I have the T2+ set at something like 10x or 20x per URL. Everything I do is based on submissions per day.

    If I were the programmer, I would toss out the verifications per day/minutes feature. It has caused Sven and everyone else here headaches. In my opinion, it is a pain in the ass waiting to happen in a multi-threaded application. 

    I don't mean to be a heretic, but I don't use the scheduler. I like to kick off my most important websites at midnight, and when I wake up, I activate the other ones. It all works out somehow.

    @ToEveryoneElse - I don't seem to have problems lately on the submission side overshooting the quota, but I have seen it happen with my own eyes. To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to it for at least a month or two.

    If somebody has a problem, and in order to prove it to @sven, I would just set-up a dummy project, make it the only active project on a clean log (after restart), and give it a run. Then you can give the log and project file to @sven to check it out.

    I am like anyone is soooo much easier to get someone to appreciate a problem if you can show them something in black and white. Plus it is easier to solve if you can isolate the issue in a single project and a single log like I described.

  • edited March 2013

    @ron - Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I have absolutely no problems with automatic pausing (verifying and submissions) when running my projects without the scheduler, but I would think since your running many tiers and sites for those tiers, that running everything at once would be extremely problematic and resource heavy (especially memory). I thought I read on a thread or two where you were using the scheduler on your VPS. So you are indeed running many projects at once without issues? It must be hell on your VPS/cpu.

    I'm also taking your advice on the "show them in black in white" comment. Hence why I created a video of the problem.

    @Sven - so as it stands again......the scheduler does not coincide with the pausing of both submissions and verifications, rendering it in my opinion, useless, as it has to be monitored now. I have included a quick video of the problem. You'll see 5 projects that have the option "Pause project after 2 submissions reached in a day (and 2 verifications reached in a day)". You'll notice that the projects do indeed get placed on Pause then Inactive, to only be shortly re-activated after a few moments. The thing occurs for "Pause project after 2 submissions (or verifcations) after X minutes"
    BTW- if you need any logs or backups after viewing this.....let me know.

    Video: (you may need to update your java to view)

  • SvenSven
    sorry but that video doesn't tell me anything. I don't see if submissions are made as the log is cut. To me it looks like a started project is turning into Active (P) almost right after start by scheduler. That scheduler now tries to stop it again as this option is enabled.
  •  @Sven - the project is turning in to Active (P) almost immediately because, as you should see from the video, the option was marked as "Pause project after 2 submissions reached in a day". If 2 submissions were already completed in that day (which they were), then obviously it's going to immediately pause. This was only done to show you that the Scheduler was was immediately turning Active (P) into Active campaigns when they should have remained paused. That's it! This was used to save time and not actually wait for several minutes in order to see submissions that would pause a project and then reactivate it anyway.

    After further testing......I came to a few conclusions with restrictions to the scheduler.

    - The Scheduler and the Options>"Pause the project after X" feature do not work very well together.

    For have 6 Projects Active and the Scheduler is set to run 3 at a time with a 30 minute interval between the switching of projects, along with the options >>>> Pause project after 5 subs for 1440 minutes. The scheduler will run 3 Projects until it hits these 5+ subs, in which the Pause feature will go into effect, but it will not stay paused for the set 1440 minutes as set. Instead, it will only stay paused until the Scheduler switches back over to those exact same projects again and reschedules it for another 30 essence ignoring the 1440 minute time restriction set.

    I was hoping that the 1440 minutes option would overide the scheduler when it decides to go back to the same projects later after the 30 minute switch has occurred, but instead the Scheduler overrides this setting.

    - 2nd thing I noticed >> don't use the "Stop projects with status Active (Pause)" feature on the Scheduler if you intend to use the "Pause project after X submissions for X minutes". Projects will immediately be set to Pause and then Reactivated.

    Future feature request: I'd love to see a setting within the scheduler that would allow it to LEAVE PROJECTS ALONE that are already on Active (P) status, instead of reactivating them within the que.

  • SvenSven
    Just disable the checkbox to stop projects with active (p) !? I don't get it really.
  • I already mentioned that above Sven. The checkbox is disabled, but if a project is on Pause and once the scheduler gets to that specific project again, it will be enabled to Active, which is not what is needed here.

    This was explained in great detail above......
  • I was some week back in msg with sven and he said he will fix this, to my understanding here's what happens:

    Condition: Pause a day/after xx minutes after xx submissions

    1. Set schedule to 5 projects with 30 minute interval
    2. some of the 5 projects go into Active (P) mode
    (once entering  (P) mode, the affected projects will verify links, in the process submissions are reduced and verifieds are increased)
    3. scheduler switches to other 5 projects
    4. Scheduler switches back to some of the (P) and sees that daily submissions are not reached and will make the (P) Projects Active again and start submission again to reach the number we set as target.

    So there you have your cycle that will repeat many times in a day.

    Solution: Sven could adjust the project submission counter to also count in the 'previous submitted' ones so we have a total number of submitted links per timeframe that should be adhered to even if scheduler switches projects around

  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    One of the reasons I don't like using scheduler is because it doesn't seem to honor the concept of when a project becomes Active(P)...

    *Especially T1's where an excessive amount of direct links to the moneysite can tank your rankings* 

    The scheduler should work like the regular Start button on SER. When you hit a project's limits, that project should become Acive (P) for the rest of the 24 hour day.

  • @ron - I'd love to place all my projects on Active and run it as is until the project limit is reached, but when running over 10+ projects at once, the local bandwidth is drained substantially. I have tested this on many occasions and this is quite the problem. When running the scheduler with 5-6 active projects at a time (sweetspot), the bandwidth is not effected or only effected on a minor level. I currently run SER on a separate cpu and do not use a VPS yet (will soon) as I only have a small number of sites to run currently (I flip sites a lot).

    The scheduler does run like the Start button and once projects hit their limits, as stated above, they Pause (unless you have the Stop Projects with status Active ticked). Now when the scheduler moves to other projects and comes back to the Paused projects, they will be restarted. This is what I would hope Sven would correct. If the project is already on Pause, then the Scheduler would leave it alone and move on to another Active Project.

    @squirrelhunter - Good job! I'm pretty sure you got what I was explaining to Sven 4X over in one sitting. That is exactly what I am seeking.

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