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Feature Request: Related Searches, Allintitle Broad Match

edited May 2021 in GSA Keyword Research
Hi @Sven

I'd like to request couple of features.


1. Related Searches

For example:

My seed keyword is "laptop". If I google "laptop", its related keywords are:below.

laptop deals
laptop price
laptop amazon
best laptop
laptops walmart
laptops for sale
cheap laptops
laptop apple

Can you please add an option to scrape keywords from Google "Related Searches"?


2. Allintitle Broad Match

I believe that GSA KR uses exact match for Allintitle (Keyword must be in title) result in "Resolve Settings".

Is it possible to add an option to select

* Exact Match (with quotes)
* Broad Match (without quotes)

when resolving Allintitle for keywords?


Hope those features will come to GSA KR in next update!

Thanks much!


  • SvenSven
    1. Thats already possible. Just use the "Google" from the list of sources when scraping
    2. Why not adding the quotes to the keyword itself? That way you can also get more exact results on all the other functions like competitor analysis.
    Thanked by 1sna112
  • Thanks @Sven

    I didn't know I can use "adding quotes" to keyword itself to get more exact results. Appreciate for pointing out!
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