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I am selling my GSA licenses

I am selling my software license:
GSA Captcha Breaker
GSA SEO Indexer
GSA Search Engine Ranker
Contact us by e-mail:
Price 200 dollars


  • CAn i purchase from him. So far i own 2 copies of GSA . SInce i don't use that paypal and email i didn't have access to the email. Due to that i got ban. If i purchase from this guy will it be a issue again @s4nt0s

    If answer is yes i would like to contact you op :)

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Might be best to send an email to Sven to discuss licensing things. 

  • Hi , Is this lic legal to resel ? and no prob with sevn ? cause i would like to grab that

  • SvenSven
    It's not allowed.
    Not because we are greedy or something but because it was abused in the past to often.
    Licenses where sold to more than one person as a scam and due to this multiple license use we had to deactivate the license for all who bought it.

  • I agreed with this.  unlike other so called link building tools GSA SER is a one time paid software. sadly i have seen many reselling threads here . If it's prohibited why not to ban these threads.

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