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Import site list

I purchased a site list from Ser verified, however I am unable to import the list, when pressing Tools import list GSA seems to be looking for files in .sl format, but the site lists I have are all .txt files. Am I supposed to rename all the files to .sl?


  • SvenSven
    whats the name of the txt files?
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  • AliTabAliTab
    Hi meee
    If they provide .sl file, you just have to import that .sl file into SER. If not, you have to set one of the failed or identified global Options pointing to your folder with pre-sorted txt files and then enable it's related option(use site lists/enable failed or identified accordingly) in each project.
    The setup is probably the same as our site lists so you can take a look at 'How to setup' right here:
    Wish it helps.
    Best of luck

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  • Thank you very much, that was very helpful
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