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Projects Taking Forever to Stop

Hi Sven,

Thanks for your great work and continuous updates to all your software products.

However, I'm having this challenge when wanting to stop running Projects to either update the program or restart my server. It will say "stopping" and just remain there for the next hours.

The only option has been to use the exit button. However, when it closes this way, I have noticed that most verified links have not been saved. It starts re-verifying and then you have a lot lost verified links compared to what it had verified just before the forceful exit.

This is more concerning especially when you want to stop a single project from running and letting other run. The program simply tries ending threads that never seem to want to end.

How does one terminate current running threads? Because this seems to be the problem. Some thread just never seem to finish.

This is important because obviously it means that even when you assumed the program was running fine with all the threads you expected were working fine, some of them were just stuck and using up your system resource.

Thanks for your usual genius solutions.



  • SvenSven
    edited May 2021
    If threads are stuck, then usually because of external programs. It can e.g. happen if a captcha solver hangs and doesn't reply properly (unfortunately happened with CB).
    If you see that happening again (e.g. stopped all projects but 1-2 threads still don't want to finish), please click HELP->Create Bugreport and leave a reference to this thread. I will try to have a look on that sent bugreport and try to figure out what it might have been.
  • Ok. Thanks, I do that and notify you accordingly.
  • I just created a bug report as suggested because before I send my earlier query which is almost an hour ago, a stopped four projects.

    Two of those project finally stopped after more than 30 minutes. At the moment two are still "stopping".

    Kindly check.
  • SvenSven
    sorry but thats not good. On the call stacks I have tons of threads, this works only if you stop every project and only a few threads arn't stopping after some time.
  • OK.

    So that means that the probability remains that the remaining threads that are not stopping are practically using up part of the allotted number of threads GSA is set to run at.

    I think I'm drifting more to the possibility of forcing GSA to save the current data for a certain project and being be able to force that particular project to stop.

    Is there no way that GSA can be made to particular kill any running thread for a specific project but ensuring that save the current data - for instance currently verified link list.

    Because as I said earlier on, once I force the program to close - at times by Windows Task Manager - a lot of verified links are lost.

    And when the project runs again, a good number of those verified links are not recovered. It has been a recurrent problem for me.

    This is especially important when you have a Tiered structure in place.

  • SvenSven
    a project saves it's data each 5 minutes. That you lose verified links is strange here. But ones you send a proper bugreport with just the hanging threads "running", I can say more to your problem.
  • Hi Sven, hope you're having a nice weekend!

    I sent you a recent bug report with some threads that have been hanging for close to an hour since I stopped SER as a whole.

    Hope this is better for your diagnosis.
  • Regarding the 5 minutes saving time for projects. I don't think this is applying to one particular project I have running.

    Each time I stop SER like I just did earlier, it normally looses about 25-35% of its verified links. It will then start verifying and adding them to the verification list and at the end there'll be a loss of about 5%.

    But most other project remain OK and do not loose not verified links. It's the newest of the projects I have running and I simply don't why it's behaving like this.
  • SvenSven
    All your threads are being blocked on the ssl libs. Maybe a firewall or anti virus is intercepting the socket connection to spy on it and then I can not monitor it. I really think its something on that part.
    Saving verified links: send a project backup and I have a look.
  • How do I send you a project backup - email or how?
  • I don't have any firewall or antivirus running on the server in question.

    May be Windows default firewall or something else. Then I might have to look at that and see how I can remove any form of filtering or interception.

    Really surprising though!
  • SvenSven
    Hard to tell really. Maybe try to update openssl.
    Backup can be sent via email...I leave you e message.
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