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Noob Question, Can GSA be used for Tier 1?

Hi Guys,

Recently I tried Ranker X and Seo Auto Pilot, both of them didnt work as well as the hype, with Seo Autopilot being worse than Ranker X.

On BHW and other forums it is suggested that GSA is only good for tier 2-3 and spam, but I'm willing to give it a try if GSA can be used for good tier 1 links?

I will probably buy a list, do the lists contain decent teir 1 links?

For web 2.0s will I also need to purchase SERengines?

Also can links be filtered to only post to DA50+ sites?

Thanks for any help guys.


  • Yes you can, but there will be a lot of things to do, including usage of additional GSA soft, you can use Platform Identifier to check lists of GSA SER can work with it maybe after this also use GSA PR - with external APis so you could filter by DR and than post tier 1. Personally use only for 2 tier - cause have less tasks to do :)
    If you want to post on your Web 2.0 I think you should buy serengines (I don’t have it).
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  • SER works a bit differently than RankerX. RankerX has a set of sites where you can post links. While you can do the same with SER and handpick sites then post your tier1 links there or load your own PBN SER is fundamentally different.

    SER is using cms footprints to find sites where user generated content such as posts, comments, forum post can be posted. Ser registers there and posts your content. Depending on the quality and relevance of such posts, these posts then getting deleted by the website's admin hence your links removed.

    If you can manage to keep your articles/links alive by finding the websites that are not deleting your content or posting relevant content to the website or just simply avoid being deleted then you have found yourselves a nice T1 opportunity.

    The reason people say ser is just for t2 or t3 is because the links are getting deleted pretty quickly and google doesn't have time to index them let alone attribute any linking power to them or being used in a link pyramids.

    Link lists are designed to free up SER for searching for new sites. They supposed to be changing by the minute or at least monthly.

    There are built in ways to filter sites in SER but better sites generally require extra expenses like re-captcha solvers, better emails.

    You can code your own engines that can post to any specific site you want but in lack of coding skills you can buy serengines where they are trying to solve this issue for a while.
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  • Thanks guys for your replies, I think at the moment I will stick with Ranker X and Serengines, and use GSA for tier 2 and 3 with a list, until I am more experienced using GSA.

    Would I need GSA Captcha Breaker for tiers 2 and 3? I currently use 2captcha with Ranker X, but I am unsure if the thousands of links at tier 2 and 3 all use a captcha before posting.

    Thanks again.
  • Yes, you'll need catpcha breaker for SER except of course if you have another unlimited credit captcha breaker.
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  • Thank you very much for this advice, I have just purchased Captcha Breaker
  • @TheGypsy hello.
    with gsa ser what do you use to make T1.
    what kind of engine ?
  • It depends on the niche.
    I have projects where I use SER to post to my PBN.
    You can use SER with SEREngines to post to web2.0 sites.
    I have projects where I simply use SER contextual links as t1.
    I also have projects where I use SER just to diversify the link profile and add variety with anchor texts.
  • I have projects where I simply use SER contextual links as t1.
    @TheGypsy what contetual link ?
  • There are two type of links
    1. Contextual where the link is placed between lines of texts like in case of an article. These are the best type of links if you want to build topical relevance.
    2. Non contextual links. These links don't have text around them. These are just plain links what you get from a social media profile or from many blog comments.
  • in terms of power you advise which one? @TheGypsy
  • what is the best way or fastest way to import Ranker X backlinks into GSA, and to build links to the RX backlinks?  It's taking me a long time to copy/paste the RX backlinks into GSA.
  • @draculax There is no difference in raw power so judging simply by that it doesn't matter which ones you build. A PR5 link is a PR5 link doesn't matter where it comes from but in reality not many profiles will achieve PR5 status because why would anyone link to a profile.

    @randyvug I'm not sure but probably you can use macros in the URL field too and make SER picking up URLs from files automatically. I wanted to set it up with RankerX some time ago but that project had been cancelled so never got to it.

    Also there are options in the URL edit menu to add RSS feed or sitemap.
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  • @TheGypsy thank you :)
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