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Problem on platform that's all recaptcha3

paulthegreek911paulthegreek911 Somewhere
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Not sure what I might be doing wrong.... I'm assuming it's me lol.

I'm sending forms to a platform that uses all recaptcha3. I'm using stormproxies 3min rotating service. Using capmonster cloud with api key.

Problem is... it only solves about 10% of them and I have it on 10 retries... and it is also eating through credits faster than it should.

What am I missing? Thanks y'all :)


  • SvenSven
    check the log of capmonster.
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  • sickseosickseo London,UK
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    Sounds like it's storm proxies. I've used them for recaptcha solving and most proxies are already banned with google. Try webshare proxies or coldproxy, or asiavirtualsolutions. I've used all 3 and they are all excellent for recaptcha solving. Rarely do I see an ip banned.

    Also capmonster is expensive. I use xevil 5 which now supports recaptcha3 solving, and it's unlimited solving.
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  • Thanks @sickseo

    I appreciate it. I thought it might be the proxies. I'll look into that as well as xevil 5.
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