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♦♦♦ Dedicated Private CAPTCHA Solving API Server ♦♦♦

websubmitterwebsubmitter Cebu City, Philippines
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We have a new special offer for you our valued customers, The offer is titled, "CAPTCHAs.IO's Private Dedicated API, Reliable Dedicated Private API for faster reCAPTCHA and Image CAPTCHA Solving".
Your very own reCAPTCHA / CAPTCHA private API CAPTCHA solving access server. With unlimited threads and API calls. This is a dedicated server which we will install latest CapMonster Pro. Running with 20 threads of CapMonster Pro (latest version) with 1 year subscription and could handle 2000 captchas/minute load speed. Supported CAPTCHAs are reCAPTCHAs v2, v3, and invisible with 100,000++ normal image CAPTCHAs.
reCAPTCHA v2, v3 and invisible solving time is 10 to 60 seconds on average, depending on the complexity of reCAPTCHA set in the Google Admin Console for reCAPTCHA. For image CAPTCHAs solving time is 0 to 1 second on average.
Our datacenter is a European colocation datacenter strategically located in the Netherlands, and connected to globally based Points of Presence. Constructed, owned and operated by sister company Greenhouse Datacenters, these Tier 3 designed facilities enable flexible, sustainable, secure and highly connected IT infrastructure deployments. Servers enjoy a connection of 10 Tbit/s global network with only 45% utilization with 10g DDoS protection.
Best of all these servers are genuine hardware and no fake virtual hardware shared, operates fast and stable 24/7/365.
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