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Build up your traffic! Upload your videos to more than 220 tube sites now!

Upload Your Video To Hundreds Tube Sites In Just Minutes!

Auto creation of profiles on tube sites, Auto and Manual upload of  videos to hundreds of tube sites!

The Tube Sites Submitter is a fast and efficient tool for anyone who needs to upload videos quickly, easily and automatically to hundreds of tube sites in mere minutes. Tube Sites Submitter takes only minutes to create profiles on tube sites and upload your video automatically to the tube sites included in the database which is part of the Tube Sites Submitter.

The Tube Sites Submitter will:
- upload your video to hundreds of tube sites
- register your profile on hundreds of tube sites
- make sure your video is seen by tens of thousands of users
- increase traffic to your sites
- boost your earnings
- save you a lot of time
- make your work more efficient

The Tube Sites Submitter contains a database of tube sites and their rules.
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- there are more than 200 categories and a video can be uploaded to as many as 6 niche categories
- you can create an unlimited number of profiles
- proxy settings for individual profiles
- upload to hundreds of tube sites
- an easy-to-use password manager for your passwords
- attach descriptions of different size to the same video
- upload videos including the 2257 info
- upload videos including full video data (video duration, file size, format...)
- upload different video types (wmv, mpg, mp4, mov, flv, avi etc, etc.)
- upload videos with tags
- uploading videos with content-type information is fully supported

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  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    do all of the sites accept text and links in the description of the video? whats the breakdown of sites like ip spread/usa based, stats, etc? thanks
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