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Saya kesulitan mendapat verified situs, semua kebanyakan di block dari proxy.
Apakah ada yang bisaembantu???
Awalnya tidak seperti ini, semua lancar saja tidak bermasalah..
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  • SvenSven
    Please write in English so everyone can understand you.
  • Hello Sven
    gsa ser, url redirect pro, my indexer can't open the problem is blocked by the firewall, actually the firewall has been turned off and now my 3 gsa can't open and asks for the serial number, I've re-entered it but it's still not active, what is the solution for the problem that???
  • cherubcherub
    Run the programs as administrator and try again. If that doesn't work you might need to look at your AppData folder and make sure you can read and write to it properly.
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  • Okay, i will try it..
    Oh yach, why my GSA doesn't work optimally if it doesn't use a proxy port, and I have to use a VPN connected to a cellphone, if it's not sure some long usage will stop as if it's blocked firewal, whereas I have checked the firewal on the laptop it's turned off and the position is disallow for all applications GSA, if not using a VPN on the cellphone it must be stopped and asks the serial number back, the router has been restarted, remains the same ...
    How to overcome this problem?
    Please help me...
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