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Import from other projects not working properly

@Sven I have four projects set up that I use to clean lists.

Each project is creating verified's from one of four sold SER lists.

Then, I create a new project for whatever I want to link to.

In the past, when I import verified from other projects all the links would be moved to my new project to build on those targets.

Now SER is filtering or something and not all those links are being brought over.

For example, I have 2400 verified links from today's cleaning.

But when I import from those projects into the new project, only 408 are copied over.

What's going on that's causing that?


  • SvenSven
    hmm please send me the projects and exact steps...Im not sure what this could be as I haven't changed anything here.
  • It might actually be me.

    If I set filters, i.e. PR dofollow, etc then import into those from a project that doesn't have those set, will the filters be applied based on the target types?
  • SvenSven
    An import from other projects will of course only add the URLs that are based on one engine that the project has enabled.
  • ok, so I'll chalk it up to it being me for now since I have the filters set a little tighter on my link building projects versus my list cleaning ones.  thanks
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