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Our features:

Backconnect SOCKS5 proxy
No leaking proxies - undetectable
Main geo is US (US lte carriers included in subscriptions)
Full anonymity, as we don't collect logs
Ip change with no count limits
We have proxies almost from all carriers
IP change timeout - 5-3600 seconds
One subscription - all countries. You may use any available country and any proxy (residential / carrier) while your subscription is active.
API is supported (pricing plan required: Proffessional and higher)
We do not resell and we are not selling proxies from other companies. We sell our own proxies.
Our proxies is suitable for such tasks like work with Google, Facebook etc.

BHW specials:
We offer free test for all BHW members. Please ping us at telegram ( @superproxyshop ) or via mail ( )

Payment methods:
BTC is supported as payment method.

1 port - 100$/month
4 ports - 300$/month
More than 4 ports - on request (discount depends on amount of ports you want to buy)

Refunds policy:
You can get full refund during 24 hours since you buy subscription. After that - no refunds accepted.

Telegram: @SuperProxyShop
Website: SuperProxy.Shop

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