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Feature Request - Ability Cut And Paste Keywords From One Project Into Another

Hey Sven,
I might be jumping the gun here. When I pull large numbers of keywords from Ahrefs etc and import them into GSA KR, scan and filter them according to criteria etc. I don't seem to be able to select and cut keywords into a separate project. I can move the keywords into a new project but not an existing one.


  • stonesstones Antillia
    And can we have a setting to switch of the confirmation pop up when we want to delete a keyword, or a different action when it's a single keyword.
  • stonesstones Antillia
    In the quick competition screen, can we have the option to right click on a url to copy it into a browser?
  • SvenSven
    - quick competition has popups for copy, next update also for open in browser
    - confirmation of delete is only shown for more than 1 keywords
    -next update allows you to import keywords from another project
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