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Looking to PAY a Pro for help on setting up my GSA SER

kjkjkjkj US
edited March 2021 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I am looking for a GSA SER advanced experienced user to help me setup my GSA SER project in full, you must have the knowledge of all options in the software.
Please reply back with your asking rate.



  • The problem is that SER is not a simple software that you just fill up, flick a button and let it roll.
    First you need to know what sort of links you want to build with it. So probably someone has to do a backlink research on your keywords.

    Once you know what kind of links you want to build you need to set up ser the best you can and run some test projects. This is kind of the easiest part.

    After the test projects you need to recheck the links and fine tune your strategy until it gets what you want. These processes can last for months.

    If I remember correctly AsiaVirtualSolutuion sells data-packs and other goodies. I don't know if anyone else does them you may google it. Maybe you only need those ones.

  • Hello
    I u want to set up correctly your project just read this 2 articles
    It's the bible of GSA ! :)
  • FrenchGuy said:
    I u want to set up correctly your project just read this 2 articles
    It's the bible of GSA ! :)
    These links are great thanks so much, I still prefer to pay someone to set it all up for me, basically I want all options checked at the left and all setup, I am willing to pay someone hourly to teach me and set it up for me over team viewer and Skype.

    I don’t really enjoy reading to be honest plus it’s way too much to read, if someone can do it for me that would be great or if there was a YouTube video that teaches all these would be good too.

    If anyone can assist please contact me.

    Thanks so much!
  • FrenchGuyFrenchGuy Paris
    edited April 2021
    GSA is so powerful and with so many options that it seems difficult to find a service provider capable of creating THE template because your project will necessarily be unique. 
  • No, learn it yourself. I don't think outsourcing is worth or even safe with such a nature.   GSA is super-advanced but it's not rocket science. Think about what you do manual and tweak the settings and automate with GSA.   Now i cant think of anything without GSA ser.  Save you outsource money to buy a good verified link list. proxies and VPS
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