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Links created by GSA URL REDIRECT PRO are indexable?

Hello, I have a question and it is the title, the links created by GSA URL REDIRECT PRO are indexable?

That is, will it be indexed in google? It is just a curiosity, because on the official page it mentions that indexing is needed so that it can help give strength. I am testing GSA URL REDIRECT PRO and GSA INDEXER.


  • SvenSven
    It will only be indexed if you place a link of them somewhere.
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  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    Its a due diligence/testing situation just like anything else imo. Any new potential link targets I come across to use on a repeat basis I always check to see if the page has a noindex tag or not. Alot of the pages created in the redirect software have them. Maybe they still have some benefit regardless but I just filter out any link targets that have a noindex tag on them in general.
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