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Language detection issue?

Hi - I just detected these in my log: 

I'm a bit puzzled, because I don't see a long list of in the target URLs, and even can't imagine that the proxies are all from that part of Russia. 
Also, scribd itself doesn't seem to have a Chuvash language option: 

Any idea what I can do to further investigate that?


  • Adding to that, I isolated that project, it reloads scribd from existing accounts over and over. And it says "Loaded 0/200 URLs from site lists" ... 0/160, 0/xxx....
    Any idea in which situation this might happen? ("allow to post to same site" is sufficient)
  • Further to the language riddle: 

  • SvenSven
    To the language problem:
    When you have a look on you see that there is content in Cyril language. It means that it is seen by SER and it guesses that this could be in that language and skips it. The "lang=en" is not really trust able anymore as it is a leftover by mistake on many sites.
    The loop of submission:
    It should stop when you clear the unused accounts.
  • Thanks, will give it a try. But in other words, you say "don't rely on the language filter", right? 
  • SvenSven
    Well, in most cases it is accurate. There are just some situations like this Cyril comment.
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