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Need Help for multiple moneysites how to send verified links

How to multiple moneysites how to send verified links to each money sites.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hi! Not so sure what you're asking. Are you trying to create new verified links to your money site with SER?

    Or, are you trying to load verified links into GSA-SER that you've already created, and now want to use SER to backlink those pre-existing links?
  • @Deeeeeeeeok i explain you bro. i have bulk moneysites about 5 sites. and i have 5000 verified list and i dont want to use 5000 verified list as shared them. each moneysite i will have about 1000 verified and that i dont want all i want is 5000 verifed to each moneysites i will have it. please help me in this think :)
  • If you set GSA SER to post only once (project settings/options/scheduled posting/"Allow posting on same site" off), you can have all the money sites as URL, and SER will distribute your verifieds more or less evenly
    (assumed of course that all your 5000 links in the list really work and end up in a verified link -- which is not only a question of the list, but also of proxies, emails and other settings) 
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