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Wordpress Article issue /wp-login to /wp-admin

Hello dear Gsa Community,
Some WordPress Article fails because many Websites locks /wp-login.php but /wp-admin.php is working always to Login!
Maybe it would be nice if the URL can be switched or Option for that...

Another Problem nr. 2 is:

Maximum Posts per Account [42]
but If 
Maximum Accounts per Site set to [1]

Gsa Ser will only Post once on one Site

with error in Log:
20:24:18: [ ] Info! Posts per account: 42, Posts per site: 1, <----Look here
20:24:18: [ ] Attention! No targets to post to (Posts per account: 42, Posts per site: 1, Minutes to wait.....

The Option Maximum Accounts per site means Max Posts per site .... and this makes no sense because the first Option: Posts per Account already set this limit...
But I need the Real Option to set Max Account per Site to 1, because gsa ser try to Create New Accounts if u set it higher... and on my Target Websites is Registration not allowed, I just got one Account for Posting

Thank you 


  • SvenSven
    I did a few test but it seems to me that wp-login.php is more used than wp-admin.php ...most gave me an error or used /wp-admin only.
    if you can give me live examples that work with wp-admin only, please send them to me in private message and I try to add support for that (preferable with accounts).
    the "posts per site" was indeed a wrong term...i will fix that in next update
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