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G Search; Returns ONLY WP Cats and Tags, No Pages!

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited March 2021 in Other / Off Topic
Why would this be?
If I search for an article on the Wordpress site by name in Google, it's there.
But using the site: function, I only get pages that aren't articles. Just categories and tags. All the way through to the end.
Is this some kind of penalty?

I'm guessing...yes...bc I had another news site that scraped RSS feeds that did the SAME exact thing, like a year or two ago.

. One feed started out good, maybe never was, and veered into wacky politics. Once I took off the offending articles, and removed that particular feed, the site came back to G! searches within an hour. I know that site was crawled a lot more than the one in question, but what else could this even be?
Thanks, ahead of time for any ideas! :)

I removed an article that I *thought* was causing issues on the site in question. No change. Could it be other articles? There are some topics and opinions that maybe G doesn't like seeing?
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